Each of the therapists on our staff are qualified, experienced, and licensed professionals. Inner Strength's staff of professional massage therapists offer a range of therapeutic modalities and are available for appointments on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.


Massage is a healthful component of self-care for athletes, yoga students, and anyone else wishing to maintain good physical health. Massage can address the muscular stress and tension of everyday life, offering a mental "reset" and a feeling of relaxation and lightness. Massage can also address injuries and work in concert with other avenues of self care to enhance the benefits of personal training, yoga, and exercise.


The cost of services:


Inner Strength is proud to unveil a set of massage packages for our clients that is designed to address the health and wellness needs of our diverse community while remaining affordable.


A single hourlong massage is priced at $100. Massage packages are available at rates that make each individual session even more affordable: 


A package of 4 60-minute massage sessions costs $360

Package of 8 hour-long massage sessions costs $640

package of 10 hour-long massage sessions costs $800 + 5 comp yoga classes.  



The Process


The process of massage therapy begins with understanding the body on all levels.  It is important for the therapist to establish a human, energetic connection before getting into the application.  They may incorporate energy work into the massage.  The different massage techniques help to do the following for well-being:


· Decrease muscle tension, pain, and discomfort

· Increase circulation and mobility

· Strengthen immunity

· Aid in muscle recovery from strain and injury

· Promote self-awareness and educate in self-care

· Balance chakras (energy centers) 


The Application


Each session begins by opening the lines of communication between client and therapist.  By understanding what is going on with each individual body, the therapist can personalize a treatment plan.  A postural alignment analysis is then performed.  Once an understanding of the body has been established, proper application pressure and technique can be determined.  Following muscle work, a one on one consultation is done with the client to review the session and to establish ongoing treatment. 



The Policy

Note: Schedule and price structure are subject to change.  All Yoga packages, personal training packages, massage and any other sales are non refundable, non transferable and all sales are final.  Inner Strength will consider exceptions for extreme medical conditions and relocation out of state only.  Please email us directly for questions.



Kilain Melloy
Kilain Melloy

Kilian Melloy graduated from Cortiva Muscular Therapy Institute in 1998 and practiced massage therapy in the Professional Clinic there until 2007. Kilian offers deep tissue massage, sessions for relaxation, sports massage, and pregnancy massage. Kilian is also trained in Thai massage, Reiki, and Reflexology.  Inner Strength Studios is proud to have Kilian as our Director of Wellness Services.  If you have any questions about our practitioners please contact Kilian:

Kilian Melloy
Inner Strength Studios
309 Main Street Watertown MA 02472
617-547-5354 (Direct Line)
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