-Fall 2015- The 4 Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher and Personal Development Program.

Whether you're looking for personal development and growth and never want to teach a yoga class in your life or just to deepen your understanding of Yoga, this program is for you.  Perhaps you desire to enter into the yoga industry as a Certified Vinyasa 200 HR Yoga Alliance teacher. If so, this program is for you.  Maybe you've taken a teacher training before, but felt like something was missing. This program will help you integrate what you've learned into something much deeper, impactful and more meaningful.  Additional information?


Your investment in this program will:

  • Show you where confidence comes from
  • Connect you to like minded people
  • Deepen your yoga practice
  • Give you the skills necessary to excel in a competitive yoga industry
  • And much more. 

"The truth is, students these days are sophisticated and are well practiced.  In order to meet the needs of the ever evolving  practitioner you must stay on top of the cutting edge technology of the growing yoga industry.  For nearly two decades I've researched and studied this subject matter.  Let me bring you behind the curtain and show you exactly where the yoga industry came from, where it currently is and where it's going.  By enrolling in the 4 Pillars to Freedom Teacher Training  you will be inspired, educated and empowered to lead others into their greatness"  - Roman Szpond


Realize your potential, help others realize theirs...


More than a teacher training, this 200-hour Yoga Alliance development program will engage in expertly taught lessons designed and led by Inner Strength Studios' founder Roman Szpond and his Senior Teacher, Lauren Star.  With more than 25 years of combined teaching experience they will educate the participant on what they call the "Four Pillars".


 • Emotional and heartfelt intentionality on and off the mat

 • Aligning mind with body, body with earth and self with what lies beyond

 • Powerful and transformative sequencing, breath work, concentration and flow

 • Study of spiritual, traditional, and ancient scripture and wisdom


"Knowledge isn't power, applying your knowledge is where the power lies." - Roman Szpond


With an emphasis on utilization and application, chosen, qualified, graduates of the program will lead Inner Strength Studio's Community Classes while being mentored and coached by the Inner Strength Leadership Team in order to sharpen and polish their teaching skills.  Community classes will be open to the public for a reduced rate. 


Below is a rough timeline of the weekend modules.  We will allow for breaks, lunch, snacks throughout the trainings. The below rough timeline is subject to change.


Friday's 6-9 p.m.

Saturday's 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Sunday's 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 


All that's necessary to receive logistics, questionnaire/contract, all three manuals and reading list is a non-refundable deposit of $500.



Tuition information: Receive early bird pricing of $2,500 for registering on or before September 1st , Price after will be $2,900. Final tuition payment due by September 15th 2015.  All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Training will take place at both studio locations.


The FALL 2015 4 Pillars of Freedom Teacher Training is


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September 18,19,20th & 25,26,27th.


October 16,17,18th & 23,24,25th.


November 13,14,15th & 20,21,22nd


December  4,5,6th & 11,12,13th


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During the training, the aspects of Tantra we will cover are:

-Sankhya Philosophy.
-Yoga Sutra.

-Hatha Yoga.





-Functional anatomy and Kinesiology.

-How to do asana safely.



-Deepening the posture.

-Back arcs, Laterals, twists, forward bends, inversions, arm balances, (essentially all the -categories of postures).


-Pranayama. (breath work)

-Sequencing and creative sequencing.

-Flow, pace and power and heat.

-How to use music effectively in your class.

-Business aspects.

-Yoga cross training.



-Using your practice to bring clarity to the liquid emotional body.

-Learn about where your center of gravity emotionally is.

-Discover that you have the power to create positive emotions and destroy negative ones.

-Intention, focus, passion and self discipline.



With the experience, love and support of your 4 Pillars to Freedom Teacher Training, your life will make a significant change! There is an old adage that says, "If not now then when?" I often times say in class, "Do it now! There is no promise for tomorrow but there is absolute certainty of this moment." If it's in your heart, follow it! Do it now.




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