Try not to think!  Just step up!

Most of the time, thinking about some of the more dreaded tasks in life creates more stress and discomfort than the actual task itself.  How many times, after we’ve finally surmounted that dreaded task have we felt invigorated, enlivened and inspired?  We look back and wonder what we were so worried about.  In those moments, we often look at other tasks we’ve been avoiding so we can feel that same enthusiasm and empowerment. 

Whether our avoidance is a fear in the mind, or a legitimate challenge, putting it off or procrastinating only crates blocked emotional energy for us.  On the other hand, when we remember how great we truly feel when we do step up, the stepping up creates a flow in our lives, and contributes to our personal growth.  We take that aspect of growth into other areas of life, and what was once challenging becomes easier to do. 

The victory is palpable when we’re looking in the rear view at the challenge, knowing that even though there was a part of us that did not want to do it, we stepped up in spite of the doubt. Clinging to our comfort zones, retreating when life asks us to step up, erodes us as men or women. 

At any moment in life, there is at least one thing that needs to be handled, done, addressed or completed.  Each and every one of these small magic moments of victory build on each other, and when it’s time to bring those unfinished tasks to the top of the priority list, that action liberates tremendous amounts of energy in our lives.  We can then use that storehouse of energy towards something positive, like our yoga practice, family, art, or our unique contribution in this world.

Take this idea and put it to action!  NOW!  Take a moment to think about something small, or large, that really must be done.  Is it a phone call?  An email?  Do you need to take the garbage out?  Or say your sorry?  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!  Do it NOW!

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    Online Assignment Help UK (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 07:27)

    These minor magic instants of conquest shape on each other, and once it’s time to transport those incomplete tasks to the top of the precedence.

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