The Inner Journey

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The Inner Journey is our way of saying 'thank you’, by adding more value for you, the Inner Strength Community, for being willing and courageous enough to seek improvement and progress in your life, by way of the practice of yoga.  


All of us are on a journey, and if you've landed here at Inner Strength, a big part of your journey is bringing your mind, body, emotions and purpose on this earth, into balance.  The Inner Strength Leadership Team has the resources, experience, and an amazing NEW platform to assist you in getting MORE!   


The Inner Journey


The Inner Journey is the perfect forum, offering just the right amount of structure for the beginner still striving to gain enough momentum in their wellness program, as well as for those who are well along their journey, but need more resources and support. 


If you choose to purchase a 5, 10 or monthly unlimited class card, you'll have this NEW forum, each month, to add value to life, keep you on track, support others, and help you get MORE from your investment in yourself.  Your participation in The Inner Journey will cost you nothing more than your yoga class card. We do require that you are practicing with us at Inner Strength. 


Facilitated by the Inner Strength Leadership team, your journey will begin each month, with a plan outlining goals, intentions and expectations surrounding:

  • Your yoga journey

We believe that, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  Our yoga practice, very much like our professional or family responsibilities must be planned.  We understand that sometimes, there will be circumstances that inhibit us from fulfilling our plan 100%, but for 80% of the time, we're following our plan.  You will receive advice, coaching and answers to your specific questions regarding your yoga practice. 

  • Your nutrition journey

We believe in a balanced approach to our 'wheel to wellness' and nutrition is an essential piece.  In the information age, it's not hard to find information on proper nutrition.  Information is not the purpose of nutritional piece of the Inner Journey.  Although we do have accurate information on nutrition; planning, coaching, support and accountability is what we're going to focus on.  

  • Your personal development journey

If we are not consciously setting the mental and emotional tone of our day, we will be susceptible to whatever 'side of the bed' we wake up on, or whatever challenge or problem the day throws at us.  By beginning our day with gratitude and focus, we are placing our mind, emotions and attitude in the most resourceful state possible to glide through our days.  You will have access to videos, blog posts and the Inner Journey Facebook page to aid in your personal development.

  •  Book of the month. 

The book of the month will be a reading that is related to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.  During the Facebook posts and other forms of communication, aspects of the book of the month will be sourced to explore the applicability to the wheel of wellness.


Each month, The Inner Strength Leadership Team will offer one gathering, an Eating Psychology Session led by Hope Griffin.  At the beginning of the month, we may announce a 'bonus' gathering to add value to your journey.  These gatherings will be our investment in YOU, the one on the Inner Journey. 


As you progress along your Inner Journey, you will invariably come across obstacles, questions and challenges. Utilize the Inner Journey Facebook page to share your discoveries and to ask the group, as well as the facilitators for help. Each week a different Inner Strength Leadership Team Member will answer the questions posted on the Inner Journey Facebook page, as well as offer 'Journey Gems' of information, all to offer you more support. 


As the quality of your involvement in the Inner Journey increases, and you're able to attend more classes per month, delve deeper into the information offered during the nutritional workshops and monthly reading, as well as support each other at the studio and within The Inner Journey Facebook page, the more eligible you'll be to receive surprise inner 'favors'. 


Inner Favors are surprise rewards given to those at the end of the month, who've been chosen by the Inner Strength Leadership team, who's exemplifed outstanding participation and progress on their Inner Journey.


Someone who travels on an Inner Journey possesses some or all of these qualities:


-A hunger and yearning to be the best version of themselves

-Wants to learn more skills surrounding health and wellness

-Sees the importance of a consistent Yoga Practice  

-Someone who believes in making healthy food choices

-Consistently learning by reading broadly and deeply

-Develops self to assist others through positive example

-Has a positive outlook on life

-Understands the importance of consistency in all we do in life.


How do I sign up? 


Simply scroll down and fill out the form.  We'll get back to you with important journey information.


Join us for our November Edition beginning November 1st!  Let the journey begin!





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