2017 Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Fall 2017 Dates:

September: 8, 9, 10 & 15, 16, 17

October: 6, 7, 8 & 20, 21, 22

November: 10, 11, 12 & 17, 18, 19

December: 1, 2, 3 & 8, 9, 10



Take a look at this short video overview of the 4 Pillars of Freedom by

the presenters Roman Szpond and Lauren Star.

In 8 short weekends of immersion you will not only transform your physical practice but through broad and deep readings, meditations, breathing exercises, journaling and group dynamics, you'll discover aspects of self that will calm the mind, settle the emotions, and open the heart.  



  • Alignment - Learn how to safely perform and teach postures.
  • Emotion - Live from passion and demonstrate courage in teaching.
  • Spirit - Tap into the rich tradition of yoga and it's rituals and practices.
  • Power - Energy ... Energy ... Energy !!!

To be a truly effective yoga instructor these days, in a world where students are hungry for authenticity and depth, simply knowing how to teach a posture is not enough.  It is a good first step though, and your enrollment in the 4 Pillars of Freedom will give you an in-depth experience of ALIGNMENT.  


Yoga is EMOTION, life is emotion, you are emotion!  (Energy In Motion) Through journaling exercises, meditation, inspirational readings and group dynamics, discover the deep well of feelings and learn how to EMOTE, channel, express and be an open vessel!


Yoga is ancient and rich in tradition.  The practice at Inner Strength is not about bowing to ashes, it's about keeping the fire alive!  SPIRIT comes from the Latin Spiritus or breath ... Use breath to stoke the fire of spirituality.


POWER, by definition is the ability to act.  The practice of Power Yoga brings incredible ENERGY and power to act in life ... to confront ... to embrace ... to start the project ... to finish it ... to share ... to love and to do what's vital to YOU!





$290 non-refundable deposit required to receive 
manual, reading list, online access to the YTT online library and ensure your spot.
Remaining balance of $2,610 due 
by August 25th.


Email NOW with questions!



The Inner Strength 4 Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher and Personal Development Program is for those looking to earn their RYT200 to enter into the Yoga Industry as an effective leader and for those simply wanting to immerse themselves and learn more about yoga.  (YOU DO NOT NEED TO WANT TO TEACH TO PARTICIPATE)


If you've taken another training already, you'll find the material in the 4 Pillars to be a complement to your teaching platform and help to crystallize your knowledge into a potent yoga product.  If you're not interested in teaching, your time invested will transform your physical practice and deepen your understanding of the rich tradition of yoga. 


The 4 Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher and Personal Development Program is ideal for those looking to sculpt their leadership qualities.  Teaching and practicing yoga is a very powerful complement to any aspect of leadership skills training for professionals, students, athletics, and parenting.   

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